CityFibre builds and operates ultrafast pure fibre networks that bring the huge benefits of Gigabit connectivity to communities throughout the country. We are increasing governmental efficiencies, bringing educational capabilities up to world-class standards and improving healthcare through digital infrastructure.

Our networks are sparking the UK’s economy, helping businesses to compete globally by unlocking the potential behind new services such as cloud computing. With our Fibre to the Home network projects, we are significantly improving the services that residents receive and enriching their quality of life.

Latest News

- 26/03/15 -  CityFibre announces completion of first phase FTTP roll-out in York 
- 19/03/15 - Peterborough Transformed Into A Gigabit City Within 11 Months
- 17/03/15 - Aberdeen's Gigabit City Network Build Begins
- 03/03/15 - Edinburgh Joins the Gigabit Revolution


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