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CityFibre is following all Covid Secure guidelines to minimise the risk of virus transmission to staff, contractors, customers and the general public. The health and safety of all continues to be our number one priority.

Irrespective of changes to local Covid tiers or nationwide restrictions, our teams adhere to the same working practices that we implemented in spring 2020. We also continue to reinforce Covid-19 safety protocol across our key workers and minimise non-essential movement of staff and contractors between geographies.

Last updated 06/01/2021

We continue to build

Telecommunications infrastructure is critical to allow society to function and our economy to recover. Throughout this challenging period our field-staff and those of our contractors have been designated as ‘key workers’. This enables us to continue to build to the levels of productivity agreed with local authorities, and to maintain our networks.
Our staff and contractors continue adhere to strict protocols on social distancing – including with members of the public. They also continue to work to the highest health and safety construction standards. This includes leaving trenches in a safe and manageable state at the end of every working day.
If you see our staff or contractors at work, please help them by following both Government guidelines and local ‘social distancing’ signage.


We’re minimising the use of our offices

The majority of our staff continue to work ‘smart’ from home in order to minimise exposure to risks. Agile-working staff also continue to avoid all non-essential travel. Where face-to-face engagement is unavoidable our staff adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.
Any offices that are open are operated under strict ‘Covid Secure’ guidelines with clear signage, capacity restrictions and desk booking systems in place. In all cases staff are encouraged to work from home wherever possible. Where Government Covid rules require local or nationwide offices to close completely, we are responding accordingly.
Covid Secure status means that we have assessed the risk to employees and put in place strict social distancing and control measures to minimise risk the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission.

We’re protecting people

The health and safety of all continues to be our number one priority. Irrespective of changes to local Covid tiers or nationwide restrictions, our teams continue to adhere to the same working practices that we implemented during the nationwide lockdown in spring 2020.
We continue to reinforce Covid safety protocol across our key workers and where feasible, we are minimising non-essential movement of staff and contractors between geographies.
If engineers need to attend a customer site to carry out a survey, installation or repair on our behalf they will endeavour to call in advance. Before entering the premises, the engineer will ask:
  1. Has anyone in the premises been diagnosed with COVID-19, been asked to self-isolate, or has travelled to a Coronavirus high-risk area or country in the last 14 days? ​
  2. Is anyone in the premises suffering from flu-like symptoms? ​
If the answer to question one is yes, or the customer independently decides they no longer want us to proceed, our order management team will be alerted and the job will be placed ‘on hold’ until a future date – to be agreed with the relevant service provider partner. ​
If the answer to question two is ‘yes’, the engineer can proceed, but will undertake additional hygiene actions. This includes wiping surfaces, asking the end customer to remain in a different room, not accepting the offer of drinks and bypassing the sign-off with the customer when the job is finished. ​


We’re connecting and serving customers

COVID-19 continues to make the availability and reliability of connectivity services critical for UK businesses, households and local authorities.
We are in daily conversation with the partners who support our service installation, maintenance and repair. By working together to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed and that personal protective equipment is available, we are experiencing no material impact on our day-to-day service operations.

We serve critical sites, as well as homes

Our full fibre networks are about more than just bringing gigabit speed broadband services to homes across the UK. We also serve thousands of critical healthcare, education and community sites too, including hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes, community buildings, schools and council offices.
Even in residential streets, our network is empowering legions of people to work effectively from home, as well as providing a backbone for the imminent rollout of 5G services. In short – this is critical digital infrastructure.

We prepared early

CityFibre has always taken business continuity seriously. In February 2020 we set up a COVID-19 Task Force to monitor the emerging risk and government advice on a daily basis. We used this to develop a clear mitigation strategy with key elements as follows:
  • Identifying agile workforce within CityFibre and our contractors
  • Enhancing our ability to tailor plans and respond quickly to mitigate different levels of risks
  • Ensuring our smart-working capability is scalable and robust
  • Refining our communications processes to ensure speed, clarity and the ability to rapidly update and trigger actions
  • Undertaking a period of intense scenario simulation to test our readiness.
This proactive planning has enabled us to minimise risk of exposure for all and stay open for business throughout the pandemic. It is also enabling us to monitor local situations and rapidly reinforce Covid secure protocol to reflect both local and nationwide changes to Government-enforced Covid rules.

Our networks will support our nation’s recovery

Thanks to a training and recruitment programme to fill up to 10,000 network construction jobs, our networks and the work we do are already beginning to play a meaningful role in supporting the recovery of our economy and society.
To power the nation’s future, our country needs world-class digital infrastructure, and this recruitment programme is a testament of our commitment to not only build it, but to create local jobs for local people.


We’ll keep you updated

UK Government advice and information from our contractors and partners is guiding the decisions we make and the actions we take. We will continue to update this page periodically to reflect the changing situation.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or believe that our staff or contractors are not following social distancing guidelines, please get in touch. 
Official information and advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available via:
World Health Organisation (WHO)
UK Government (Coronavirus response)
NHS 111



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