Thank you for taking the time to read this blog where we will keep you up-to-date with how the fibre to the home network in Bournemouth is progressing.

There has been some confusion surrounding who we are and what we are doing. Are we the same company that originally built this network? Are we just going to pick up the reins where the last company dropped them? The answer to these questions is ‘no’.

CityFibre is an entirely new company, and our vision is to build fibre to the home networks that service providers will use to deliver their services to residents and businesses. We are not a service provider; the easiest way to understand what we do is to compare us to a company that builds gas pipelines. You will buy your gas from a company that sells gas, not from the company that built the pipeline itself. This company just provides the pipe, makes sure it’s fit for purpose, maintains it and allows you to get the gas in the first place.

Building a fibre to the home network in Bournemouth is an exciting step for the evolution of communications in the UK – your town will be the first in the country to be fibre to the home ready – this means that you will be in a position to benefit from far faster and more reliable broadband speeds – both when downloading files or streaming videos, but also when uploading large files to sites such as Facebook or backing up your computer in the cloud. We are providing the platform for service providers to be able to offer these types of ‘super’ or ‘ultra’ fast services to you.

Since January, a lot of time has been spent talking with lawyers and accountants so that we could save the fibre optic networks that we bought and build a future for them. It is really important to us that we get things right from the start. Part of that is to make sure we communicate effectively and that’s why we have created this blog so that we can update it as we go along and keep you informed.

Earlier this month, we met with key members of Bournemouth Borough Council and shared our immediate plans – to clean up and make good what has already been built – as well as our longer term plans for the network. The Council are very supportive and as we have now finalised these plans, we are keen to share them with you.

The first step, is that between now and the end of the year we will focus on the full reinstatement and stabilisation of the network that has already been built. What this really means is we will make good any remaining roadworks and make sure that technically, the network works. This testing phase will include a number of households trialling it before service providers can make their services widely available. By the end of the year, the network will have passed in the order of 24,000 homes which will be ready for service. Our longer term plans are to pass all the remaining homes in Bournemouth by mid 2013.

Our networks will guarantee minimum speeds of 100Mbps up and downstream, some twenty times the average UK speed of around 6Mbps. What is more, our network will allow service providers to deliver speeds of 1Gbps with an average of 2ms of latency. We know a lot of companies are throwing numbers around the broadband space but what we mean is that service providers using our fibre to the home network will be able to deliver world-class, ultra high speeds with no perceptible time delays when you do something online – a good example of where less latency is important is in online gaming and the financial sector.

We appreciate that you will have felt frustrated by the halt to works last autumn and lack of communication in the past. I am keen to assure you that CityFibre Holdings will pursue a responsible and proactive approach to ensure that Bournemouth soon becomes the finest example of how a town can enjoy and reap the benefits of next generation access.

Greg Mesch

CEO CityFibre

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