Transformational gigabit speed broadband now within reach of even the smallest Bournemouth business as Gigler launches new service on International “Gimme Fibre Day”

CityFibre, the owner and operator of the UK’s largest Fibre-to-the-Home network in Bournemouth, is today launching unprecedented and affordable business broadband products through its Internet Service Provider Gigler.

Responding to a high level of interest from local business owners, Gigler Business is aimed at small to medium businesses frustrated by the shortcomings of so called ‘fibre’ business broadband services available from incumbent providers. Gigler’s new packages will make the transformational effects of gigabit connectivity a reality for companies with increasing reliance on bandwidth. With up to 1000Mbps download and 500Mbps upload speeds as standard, transferring large files will become much faster and using cloud services more practical, increasing employee efficiency, productivity and improving communications with suppliers and customers.

CityFibre has trialled Gigler Business with a number of Bournemouth businesses and all have experienced transformational efficiencies in their day to day operations. “I was so impressed with Gigler at home that I started to think about how I could use it in the business. We upload and download huge files all day long and now it happens in seconds. We do gigabits of data and that happens literally in minutes. It’s just transformed the way we work” says Mark Griggs, Director of 644 print.

Introducing Gigler’s new business packages, Greg Mesch, Chief Executive Officer at CityFibre explained “We have managed to bring a new generation of business broadband to life. From an easily affordable £50 a month, companies can plug in to speeds and a quality of internet experience that will be the envy of every business in the county making do with uninspiring, inferior connectivity. These new services complete the range for businesses of all sizes in Bournemouth, complementing the enterprise-grade Internet leased line and dark fibre services we currently offer. This is another important demonstration of CityFibre’s vision – full fibre infrastructure delivering real benefits to all aspects of a community.”

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Product Information:

Gigler Business:

  • 1 Gigabit per second download
  • 500 Megabits per second upload
  • 500GB Usage Allowance. Those exceeding their usage will be slowed down and given option to buy additional data or upgrade
  • £50 per month

Gigler Business Pro:

  • 1 Gigabit per second download
  • 500 Megabits per second upload
  • 1TB Usage Allowance (1000GB). Those exceeding their usage will be slowed down and given option to buy additional data or upgrade
  • £95 per month

Both packages are 12 month contracts and will require a £100 connection charge. No line-rental is needed and a business-grade wireless router will be supplied.

Gigler Business Case Study:

International Gimme Fibre Day:

CityFibre is pleased to announce these new packages on International ‘Gimme Fibre Day’ an annual event jointly created by the FTTH Councils Global Alliance to celebrate the only future-proof broadband access solution and showcase how fibre has positively impacted communities across the world.


CityFibre Media Contact:

Maggie Zaboura
ZabouraConsultancy Ltd

T. 020 7297 3371


About CityFibre

CityFibre ( is one of the UK’s leading fibre optic infrastructure providers. By building dedicated fibre optic networks for the public and private sectors, we empower data-hungry users throughout the country, by unleashing unlimited speeds on future-proofed technology.

Our transformational fibre infrastructure projects comprise point-to-point connections, metro rings and Fibre-to-the-Premises networks that make possible Next Generation Access and gigabit level services direct to local authorities, businesses and homes.

CityFibre manages over 100 private fibre projects and seven separate metropolitan fibre networks under long-term contract with local authorities, police forces, healthcare organisations and universities. With almost 30,000km of fibre in the ground, connecting more than 350 sites and data centres across the UK, we are the country’s largest independent provider of fibre in secondary cities.

In Bournemouth, CityFibre owns the largest FTTH project in the UK. With over 21,000 homes ready for service, the network enables service providers to deliver unprecedented ultra-fast broadband with speeds of up to one gigabit per second. CityFibre has launched an Internet Service Provider called Gigler to offer the UK’s fastest consumer and business services over the network. For more information on Gigler’s services visit

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