Recent Ofcom research featured in the press has revealed that the national average speed of residential fixed-line broadband in the UK is now 12Mbps. However, as highlighted by The Independent and USwitch research, actual speeds vary significantly – even from neighbour to neighbour! Why is it acceptable for one user to only get 2.2Mbps while their neighbours up the road enjoy 20.9Mbps? Shouldn’t speeds just be faster for everyone?

To the lucky 24,000 people in Bournemouth they are! Delivered over CityFibre’s pure fibre network, Gigler is providing its customers with download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second. Our speed tests regularly record results over 900Mbps, which is 75x faster than the UK’s average! Don’t believe us? Visit our Gigler Forum to see! We want Gigler customers to brag about the speeds they enjoy to the rest of the UK, so we have launched a competition to encourage people to post speed tests to our forum.

Like Google Fiber in Kansas City (also just launched in Austin, Texas), we see the huge impact that these speeds have on the way that consumers use the Internet and it is evident that Gigabit speed services enable users to get so much more from the web. We’ve always believed that once you’ve experienced the power of Gigabit services, you are never going to settle for low speeds again. You wouldn’t wait for your water to run, or for your electricity to flow – so why should your internet connection be any different? Waiting is now a thing of the past!

True next-generation Gigabit services are making their mark on consumers. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing how Gigabit speeds are improving users’ online experiences and changing things for the better.

If you’re a Gigler customer, get posting your speed tests to the Gigler Forum now! The person with the fastest download speed will win a £50 credit to put against their monthly charges. Find out more here!

Competition Terms and Conditions apply.

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