Landlords from across Bournemouth came together earlier this month to discover all about the benefits of full fibre digital connectivity.

Around 450 people attended the Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Landlord Exhibition, with CityFibre serving as lead sponsor. Experts from CityFibre were on hand throughout the day at the Village Hotel to meet with delegates, explaining the transformative benefits full fibre will produce.

Bournemouth is on the cusp of a digital revolution, as CityFibre prepares to build a full fibre digital network that will reach almost every home and business in the area.

According to economic consultancy Regeneris, the impact on Bournemouth over the next 15 years will be huge. For landlords, the headline stat is how it will affect homeowners and the wider property market. Estimates say the boost will be a staggering £100m, with homes that offer high-quality connectivity seeing an increase in value – perhaps unsurprising when we see how vital broadband is to those searching for a new place to live.

For tenants, more reliable connectivity will allow them to maximise access to switching services for better utility deals, as well as other services including tenant portals and public service systems, such as those provided by the Department for Work and Pensions and Bournemouth Borough Council.

Access to full fibre will unlock many additional benefits. With near unlimited bandwidth, full fibre will ensure households can utilise the latest smart home technology, stream entertainment across multiple devices and make it easier to work from home.

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