In his first speech as Prime Minister today, Boris Johnson spoke of his new Government’s goal to accelerate the rollout of full fibre digital infrastructure across the UK.

In response, a CityFibre spokesman said:

“As the original champions of full fibre in the UK, we are delighted to see the new Government recognise the vital importance of rolling out this transformational infrastructure, and we stand ready to work with Government to help achieve this vision.

“Full fibre connectivity is key to introduce a new generation of services, catalyse innovation, promote creativity and drive the economic and social development of the UK.

“It’s the investment from a new generation of competitive infrastructure builders that, in a very short time, has galvanised the UK market in this sector, and at CityFibre we have big plans to extend our network’s footprint to at least 20% of UK households and businesses in the next five years, from Aberdeen to Lowestoft, and Rotherham to Worthing.

“The Government’s 2025 target is an ambitious one, and some bold steps are needed to achieve it.

“An essential element will be to continue to unlock the very significant private investment from companies such as ours in a vibrant competitive market; one prioritised to roll out full fibre to as much of the UK as possible in the shortest possible time.

“Other essential components will be access to the skills and workforce to get the job done, a proactive approach to removing the barriers that slow local deployment and helping consumers to make the most of this transformational change.”

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