Computer Geeks are a Bristol-based managed IT service provider, that help connect small-to-medium sized businesses across the UK with technology such as cloud, managed services and IT infrastructure. Computer Geeks were formed in 2006 and have a proven track record in delivering bespoke IT solutions for SMEs.


Given the internet usage demands that come with being an IT service provider, the shared 25Mbps internet connection at their former premises simply didn’t give Computer Geeks the capacity they needed to offer the excellent customer service they pride themselves on. Voice-over-IP was often choppy and delivered a poor call quality for clients and staff alike. The ability to share files with customers were also hampered, as substantial backups and updates took too long, and ground the whole office’s network to a halt.

After years languishing on an insufficient internet connection, Computer Geeks moved into their new office on Thomas Lane in Central Bristol, and knew they needed a better connectivity solution.


When Triangle Networks showcased the CityFibre network as an alternative to the usual suspects, Computer Geeks were delighted to get the upgrade they needed.

“An ultrafast connection for us was crucial for us maintaining excellent customer service,” said Nick Richards, Managing Director at Computer Geeks. “When the partnership of Triangle Networks and CityFibre offered us a cost-effective solution for us, we were delighted to be the latest business to join the network.”

Since the installation of the full-fibre connection, Computer Geeks hasn’t just utilised the connection to mitigate their internet challenges, but also now to expand their service portfolio.

“It was a given the gigabit connection would solve our day-to-day internet issues,” said Nick, “but we’re delighted by how we’ve been able to use the high bandwidth beyond that to offer our clients new types of services. The most prominent development has been the development of a new data centre based in our offices to be used for co-located back-up. The 64TB storage system now enables SMEs to cost-effectively manage their back-up processes with options to expand affordably at scale. With all this information travelling over our office’s internet connection, it was a valuable service we couldn’t offer to our clients before the installation of the CityFibre network.”

Computer Geeks have embraced the benefits of full-fibre connectivity, so much so that they now offer CityFibre connections to their clients around the UK.

“We only sell what we use ourselves,” said Nick, “and the results we’ve seen within our organisation give us tremendous faith in the value, quality and delivery of the CityFibre service. When you can go to your clients and offer an internet service that delivers five times the bandwidth of the traditional providers, for half the cost, in a quarter of the installation time, that’s something well worth talking about.”

Working in partnership with Triangle, CityFibre is providing gigabit speed, ultrafast connectivity to Bristol. If you’d like to see if your business can take advantage of a full-fibre connection, visit

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