Ecigwizard was founded in 2011 with a small investment of just £500, since then the business has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of electronic cigarettes and peripheries in the country and is still one of the fastest growing.  Ecigwizards values are based on testing to ensure they supply the best products and customer service and support.

Egcigwizard have grown from 0 to 60 stores since its launch in 2011 and are currently working at a growth rate of 4 new franchised retail outlets each month.


Ecigwizard employs more than 100 staff across their stores and at their Peterborough HQ. Rapid growth and an expanding workforce across the country had led to increased pressure on the firm’s web-based systems, leading to frequent timeouts causing the business issues managing their own internal systems.  This in turn affected day-to-day operations.  One of the main causes was video streaming and uploading.  Part of our customer service and sales staff daily routine is watching videos on the latest products and innovations on Youtube which caused a bottlenecks, slowness and connection drops.

All of this resulted in limits on downloads and streaming during peak times for staff, ultimately slowing business.


A new connection to CityFibre’s Gigabit network with broadband services provided by GreenCity Solutions has now transformed Ecigwizard’s business by providing access to some of the world’s fastest internet speeds. The firm’s expansion plans can now continue to flourish with the security of full-fibre connectivity and unlimited browsing and download capabilities across the business.

Ecigwizard has already experienced the benefits of a more reliable connection, Oliver Warburton, Director at Ecigwizard, said: “We had a satellite connection setup before we opened our new offices; however, a storm caused us issues which meant with a week to go we had no connectivity to our new premises.

“CityFibre and GreenCity Solutions went above and beyond to make sure we had ultra-fast internet up and running in less than a week. We were incredibly grateful.

“The product and connectivity is first class and makes a real difference to the running of our business.”