The UK’s connectivity market is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, with the introduction of infrastructure competition, new investment and a growing commitment to a full fibre future for Britain.

That’s why Entanet, the channel’s leading wholesale communications provider, has reaffirmed its long-standing commitment to support channel partners and aid their growth and success, launching a brand new partner programme called THRIVE!

Available to all Entanet partners from 2nd July, THRIVE! is built on three key principles:

  • Ensuring partners have everything they expect from a multi-award-winning provider like Entanet to confidently market, sell, provision, install and support connectivity services.
  • Tailored support to match partners’ varying business models with everything from white label marketing resources through to pre-sales bid support.
  • Supporting partners to position themselves as change-makers and capitalise on the emerging full fibre market, closely aligning to CityFibre’s leadership of Britain’s full fibre future.

Elsa Chen, CEO of Entanet, stated: “This industry shift represents a huge opportunity for partners to become change-makers, stand out from the crowd and grow. As a one-stop-shop for all connectivity needs and part of the CityFibre Group, Entanet are uniquely and ideally-placed to help partners maximise their opportunities whenever the full fibre journey becomes relevant to them.”

Commenting on the new programme, Entanet’s Head of Marketing, Darren Farnden, said: “At Entanet we have always been committed to providing our partners with the best possible support. THRIVE! builds on this and on our customer-focused approach, giving them access to additional training materials, collateral and tailored support that will transform the way they buy from us and sell to their customers.

“Of course, every partner has different needs and that’s why, with this new programme, we’ve added a layer of support that can be tailored to how partners position themselves with their own customers. Whether they need pre-sales bidding support for complex solutions, or white label marketing resources for their own reseller channel, we can help.

“We’ve added a range of new resources that will enable our partners to market, sell and provision our services with confidence and crucially, as you would expect from a company at the heart of the CityFibre Group, THRIVE! is designed to help our partners unleash the potential of the full fibre revolution.”

To find out more about THRIVE! visit to download the new partner programme guide or call 0330 100 3550.

About Entanet

Entanet is part of CityFibre, the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure. As an award winning and highly experienced wholesale voice and data communications provider, Entanet has developed a comprehensive channel service platform that provides partners with the expertise, creativity, support and reliability they need to make a difference to their customers.

In addition to the revolutionary CityFibre network, Entanet also operates a 40+ node core network across the UK and beyond to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, with resilient carrier-diverse interconnects that provide multiple 10Gbps links across the network, and over 900 peering relationships across Europe including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Its extensive portfolio of connectivity services includes Ethernet, IP VPNs, wholesale and packaged broadband, hosted voice, colocation, hosting and telecoms.

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