Case In Point: 180Vita Limited


Founded in 2010, Leith-based 180Vita Limited is a digital marketing business which creates brands and online platforms for the gaming industry. Originally operating exclusively in the world of online poker, the company quickly established a stellar reputation for launching successful brands and websites like PokerVIP, FootballTube, and HighStakesDB, each attracting millions of users every day.

After huge success in this market, 180Vita expanded its audience and services to deliver bespoke digital marketing campaigns for some the world’s leading sports-betting and gaming operators, including industry giants Unibet and Betfair.

Ensuring the seamless, simultaneous delivery of all their online assets and services is critical for 180Vita. In addition to meeting everyday business needs, 180Vita’s requirement for an ultrafast, reliable internet connection was heightened by the planned relaunch of one of their most popular platforms PokerTube, the world’s largest online poker media portal featuring over 200,000 videos


As a business at the forefront of the digital marketplace, 180Vita was being held back by its broadband options. Having waited unsuccessfully for the incumbent to provide a high-capacity fibre line for almost two years, the company had been forced to make do with using multiple constrained copper ADSL broadband connections in attempt to provide enough bandwidth for day-to-day business operations.

Despite this, 180Vita were experiencing daily internet dropouts and slow-downs. As a result of this insufficient connection, employees had to resort to working from local internet cafes and a colleague’s neighboring flat which had a faster connection than their office. This was not a viable long-term solution, especially with the relaunch of PokerTube approaching which would require a reliable, fast connection to upload and host 100,000s of online videos on their internal server.

On top of this, traffic visiting 180Vita’s numerous websites was averaging a whopping 10 million a day, and the number of operators seeking digital marketing services was mounting, meaning the fight for bandwidth was growing on a daily basis. Time was of the essence – to ensure the seamless operation of all their websites, services and cloud-based systems, 180Vita needed a full-fibre connection that would allow it to scale and increase bandwidth as the business continues to evolve and grow.


A new connection to CityFibre’s Gigabit City network with broadband services provided by their launch partner, Commsworld, provided the ultimate solution for 180Vita. Since connecting to the full-fibre network, the digital marketing company has been enjoying some of the fastest speeds in the world.

180Vita can now easily operate multiple online platforms simultaneously. In periods where web traffic is highest, the unwavering full-fibre connection enables the company to offer their web-users a flawless experience, while undergoing no internal slowdowns. Video upload speeds in particular, are three times faster now versus before fibre – a huge time saving for the business.

Noting the company’s increased productivity and efficiency, Tom Alford, ‎Chief Financial Officer at 180Vita Limited, explained: “We are now able to conduct business operations with zero interruption to output. Flexibility in terms of adding additional bandwidth and speed as and when we need it gives us true reassurance. Connectivity will become even more important as the business scales and we continue to expand our service portfolio.

“The benefits of being connected to the Gigabit network were especially apparent during the smooth relaunch one of our key assets, The future of Edinburgh hinges on world-class connectivity, in our opinion. The ability to leverage connectivity, results in a more meritocratic world, whereby great businesses with a global footprint can be forged and scaled, at speeds that were previously impossible – until now.”

Edinburgh’s Gigabit City network is within reach of over 9.4k businesses. Register your interest and find out full-fibre could transform your business:

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