JonesMillbank, based in a shared building on Bristol’s Queen Square, are a video production company that deliver a dynamic portfolio of 4k, aerial, 360 degree and VR footage, for a wide variety of clients across the UK. Using their six-employee-strong outfit, JonesMillbank manage the whole process in-house from initial shooting to post-production.



As an organisation reliant on moving large video and graphics files constantly between internal staff and clients, fast, reliable internet access is vital. JonesMillbank’s ability to compete was marred by a crippling ADSL connection, running at an inadequate 12Mbps down/1Mbps up. Because of the slow connection, final videos (which can range from 1GB to 10GB) had to be uploaded to a client-accessible shared location overnight in most cases and often failed; but even this archaic work-around had its flaws with internet speeds towards the end of the day grinding to an almost standstill; even web pages wouldn’t load. If a client ever requested to view raw footage from a shoot, the only option was to load it onto a hard-drive and send it to the client through the post.

“The ADSL installation we had just wasn’t a functional connection for our business,” said Russell Jones, Managing Director of JonesMillbank. “We desperately needed something faster, but couldn’t get a suitable provider to give us the bandwidth we needed at a realistic price.”



When Triangle Networks and CityFibre presented themselves as an alternative, JonesMillbank were delighted to find the provider they’d been crying out for.

“A gigabit (1000Mbps) connection for us was an absolute necessity,” said Russell, “When the partnership of Triangle Networks and CityFibre came up, it was an easy decision to make.”

Since the installation of the full-fibre connection, JonesMillbank has relished in the high bandwidth they now have at their fingertips.

“We’ve been busy putting the connection to work by moving everything to the cloud,” said Russell. “We now have 14TB of raw and produced client work sitting in our hosted cloud that can be accessed and distributed rapidly thanks to the gig connection. We’re also able to respond to client requests more quickly, giving them the excellent level of customer service they deserve to accompany our productions.

“I can be completely honest when I say this: the CityFibre connection has been a revelation for our business.”

Working in partnership with Triangle, CityFibre is providing gigabit speed, ultrafast connectivity to Bristol. If you’d like to see if your business can take advantage of a full-fibre connection, visit

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