Layered Technologies is a Bristol-based software, connectivity and IT security provider with an international customer base. Working across EMEA and the US, they are recognised throughout the telecoms industry for their Vantage Cloud product and work with both large and small organisations ranging anywhere up to £4 billion annual turnover.


As an organisation heavily reliant on cloud access for servers and client support, consistent, low latency internet access is vital. After moving to their new quay-side office in Bristol city centre in 2016, they discovered they could only access an ADSL connection from BT running at 0.5Mbps upload speed that resulted in daily uploads taking as long as 48 hours. To maintain client support and reliable server communication they worked off wireless dongles as a stop-gap solution, which temporally improved performance. However, the dongle delivered nowhere near the consistent speed required. With staff and processes stressed by insufficient connectivity, and the incumbents unable to help in realistic timeframes, Layered Technologies searched for an alternative provider.


Layered Technologies turned to ISP provider Triangle Networks to help solve their critical connectivity issue. When they discovered they were able to connect to CityFibre’s full-fibre digital infrastructure they signed up straight away, and within three weeks the connection was live.

Lee Watts, Managing Director at Layered Technologies said: “It was a no brainer when we learnt how easy it was for us to connect to the CityFibre network. Upload speed has always been a necessity for us so to get a 1 gigabit per second speed on both download and upload was music to our ears.

“The teams at Triangle and CityFibre were tremendous throughout the installation phase, and helped us get onto gigabit internet speeds in rapid time.”

The CityFibre connection from Triangle has not just solved the short term access issues for Layered Technologies, it has also given them a platform to change the way the business operates.

Lee continues: “Before CityFibre, we used to have most of our servers on-site for manual upload and now with a consistent, rapid, symmetrical circuit, we’ve taken our servers and business applications to the cloud, saving us time, space and cost, whilst improving accessibility.”

The circuit speed has also enabled Layered Technologies to implement a range of online tools such as Gmail, Office 365, Adobe, Cisco spark and Webex, providing video conferencing tools that would have struggled on their previous connection.

“It’s also been a boost to the staff”, Lee explains, “they love the new connection because they feel they now have all the tools at their fingertips to perform their job.

“We are at a great stage where connectivity is no longer a hindrance – instead it has become a tool to help our business evolve.”

Working in partnership with Triangle, CityFibre is providing gigabit speed, ultrafast connectivity to Bristol. If you’d like to see if your business can take advantage of a pure fibre connection, visit

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