By Leigh Hunt, City Manager, for CityFibre

The future success of Coventry’s economy relies on modern digital infrastructure.

Like traditional infrastructure, investment in digital – and in particular, in full fibre – drives the competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of those who use it.

Residents, businesses and organisations across the country have long been demanding high speed connectivity, and new policy and legislative initiatives from central government are likely to lead to full fibre roll-outs gathering pace.

Coventry has already secured its place at the forefront of this new digital revolution thanks to CityFibre. It is one of the first Gigabit Cities where CityFibre is investing in full fibre connectivity for nearly every home and business. Wherever full fibre has become a reality it has enabled accelerated job creation, better skills development, businesses expansion and increased start-up growth – the tech sector alone has grown by more than 40% in the last five years.

A modern city-wide digital network, with full fibre at its core, presents opportunities to drive economic growth and investment in key industries and sectors. It will also transform delivery of services in the public sector with Smart City technologies.

To help realise this vision, CityFibre is delivering a state-of-the-art full fibre system that has already connected many city areas and numerous businesses and public sector organisations.

Full fibre is the key to introducing a new generation of services that catalyses innovation and creativity and drives economic and social development. The network not only provides a future-proofed platform to deliver innovative and more efficient services, but street-by-street fibre advances Coventry’s own Smart City initiatives.

Intelligent transportation systems, high definition CCTV and connected infrastructure services are all possible using the full fibre network.

The new opportunities available through full fibre will become integral to those living and working in Coventry to lead easier, more sustainable and innovative lives.

Eventually, the CityFibre network will span from the city centre to the outskirts, and not only does the full fibre expansion signal to the global investment community that Coventry is a truly modern and connected place to do business, but it will accelerate the success of our home-grown talent, skills and business.

As a main sponsor of the C&W Chamber’s Big Business Lunch in March, I look forward to connecting with all the guests and sharing our plans for the Gigabit City Coventry project in the coming years.

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