Thousands of social housing residents in Sheffield will soon be able to benefit from the fastest and most reliable digital connectivity available – thanks to a partnership between CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, and Sheffield City Council.

Through the partnership, CityFibre will ensure its full fibre network rollout covers the Sheffield City Council estate, reaching nearly 20,000 homes. Once complete, residents will have the choice to connect to some of the fastest and best value broadband packages available in the country.

A recent study in partnership with the Quality of Life Foundation found that, for 42% of people, the internet is now so important that their lives would be impossible without it – up more than a third from pre-pandemic levels. It also revealed that renters are nearly twice as likely to describe their connection as only average or unreliable compared to those who own their own home.

The new partnership will help to address this balance in Sheffield, with full fibre networks recognised as the digital infrastructure of the future for both homes and businesses. With near unlimited bandwidth, full fibre will make everyday online activities effortless for Sheffield’s social housing residents, including streaming entertainment across multiple devices and working from home with virtually no buffering or lagging.

CityFibre has been building in Sheffield since February 2021, bringing its full fibre network within reach of almost every home and business locally.

Natalie Ward, CityFibre’s City Manager for Sheffield said: “The pandemic has proven just how vital good quality connectivity is to everyday life and this need is only set to grow. More reliable connectivity brings significant benefits from home working, learning and entertainment experiences. CityFibre’s full fibre network is also future-proof, meaning that its capacity can be increased as the city’s data needs grow.

“We are committed to bringing faster, more reliable full fibre network technology to communities like Sheffield, ensuring nobody is left behind. This agreement will make a genuine difference to social housing residents of the Council by ensuring they, too, can access full fibre services as they go live across their neighbourhood.”

Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council, added: “Digital inclusion is a key priority for the Council. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated what was already a significant shift towards essential services moving online. Internet connections have been vital during this time to keep in touch with our loved ones, as well as for many households to be able to work and learn from home.

“It is crucial that our tenants have access to fast and reliable broadband at a reasonable price and we are delighted that CityFibre has chosen to invest in the area with these full fibre installations. This partnership is part of our wider support for local people to access and make the most of digital services.

“This is a result of the Council’s pro-investment, barrier busting approach to working with CityFibre, to help Sheffield realise its ambition of becoming one of the best-connected cities in the UK – where coverage, choice and speed of communication stays ahead of demand; and where connectivity enables residents and businesses to use digital solutions to improve their lives and to sustain, grow and create new business.”

If you’re a landlord interested in connecting your properties to full fibre, please visit

Residents interested in connecting to full fibre broadband can pre-register their interest at and they will receive information when services are available.

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