Leading Coventry architects Vagdia and Holmes was one of the first to register an interest to connect to the Coventry CORE network.

Ken Holmes, director of Vagdia and Holmes which is located at the city’s Canal Basin in St Nicholas Street, said: “I am enthusiastic at the prospect of being part of the Gigabit City with instant access to both uploading and downloading information from the web.

“Within the space of a week, much time is wasted upon internet service to transmit information or in receiving documents. To have this transformational gigabit speed internet connectivity with 1,000 megabits per second will be so much more effective and efficient and the capacity available will ensure even our largest projects being capable of transmission instantaneously.

“In my own architectural business, we create designs of projects with enormous need for capacity and speed of communication and it will assist us in serving our clients, not just within this city, but around the country with reliable and instant capacity.

“For Coventry to become a Gigabit City is a demonstration of its commitment to be at the forefront of technology as it thrives and prospers within the global network where communications are everything.”

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