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The essential digital connection for your property

Gaining access to excellent internet speeds has never before been more important to businesses, tenants and home-purchasers. With 88% of home movers saying slow broadband speeds are the #1 deterrent when considering a relocation, ensuring your property is equipped with a world-class, full-fibre, gigabit speed capable connection could be the key to staying ahead in both the residential and commercial real estate markets.

At CityFibre, our philosophy has always been routed in full-fibre technology, in fact, we don’t offer anything else!

We work only with the best, long term solution to digital connectivity, and construct our networks with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting to ensure the safest and slickest installations on the market. And we do all this at a pace the traditional network builders simply cannot match. Our agility and responsiveness are what will always set us apart.

Whether you are a homeowner, building manager or property developer, we can outline the best way to work with us to get your property connected. Please select the relevant category below to begin the process.

Construction and Wayleave FAQ's

To minimise the impact of our installation on the local community, we will be utilising a state-of-the-art construction technique called narrow trenching. This process involves us cordoning off the pavement on a street to allow our efficient, remote controlled digger to run down the path, cutting a slender trench in the pavement of only 80mm. Once we’ve installed our ducts, we’ll then ‘blow’ the full-fibre strands through the tunnels all the way to our cabinet at the end of the street, and there we connect the street’s fibre to the city-wide network.

Part of this process also involves our construction team installing a very small connection box (what we call a TOBY) in the pavement outside each property on the street. By doing this during the street construction phase, it means we won’t need to dig up the pavement again when connecting each individual property to the TOBY. In all, the process on each street should only take a couple of days to complete.

Once your street has been connected, you’ll be eligible to access the CityFibre network and Vodafone’s set of internet services. Once you’ve taken out a service, Vodafone will send an engineer to connect your property to the fibre contained in the pavement ducting. This will involve us digging a trench in either your garden, driveway or car park to allow us to keep the fibre protected. We’ll naturally choose the route that minimises disruption and will ‘make good’ any trenches we dig.

In the property itself, a CityFibre engineer will handle the installation of internal wiring, ONT box and router to get your property all set-up for service.

When looking to install on private property, CityFibre require the owner’s consent before any work can be carried out. If you own your property freehold you can give us the permission we require in the form of a signed wayleave.

If you reside in an apartment block or multi-tenanted dwelling, the permission of the landlord who owns the building will be required. However, our legal and wayleave departments will handle this process on your behalf to make the installation as quick and painless as we can.

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VAT No.: 170394117

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For service incidents,
please call 0800 298 6267

If you have any complaints regarding construction, 
please email complaints@cityfibre.com, or call the number listed on the boardings in your area.


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