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    Compliments and complaints

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“As a family, we are heavy internet users – I work extensively from home and our two teenagers are constantly streaming games, music and TV. We have also installed a range of smart home devices, including connected lightbulbs, cameras, solar panel controls and even bathroom scales, which all depend on wireless connectivity. Our new service is not only faster, it’s also cheaper. We can also depend on the service always being there and always working.”

Chris Tag,

Milton Keynes

"I was pretty chuffed at how quickly the cables were installed in the street outside my house, and then how quickly afterwards it went online. The service is great, bringing our broadband access into the modern world. The speeds we are receiving means that both my partner and I can watch movies, play games online and make video calls at the same time – something that our previous broadband connection simply wouldn’t allow us to do."

Lee Rabb,


What does it
mean for me?

Access gigabit-speed internet services, that's 1000Mbps!

Stream Ultra HD and 4K TV in multiple rooms at the same time

Say goodbye to the dreaded buffer symbol; even in evenings when everyone is online

Live easy and save money with exciting new smart home technologies

Work from home with seamless file sharing and reliable cloud access

Stay close to family and friends with buffer-free and crystal clear video calling

Building Gigabit Cities

We are building full fibre networks across the UK to transform towns and cities and ignite a digital revolution. From homes and businesses, to schools and hospitals, gigabit speeds will change the way we work, live and play.

Any other questions?

Looking for more information on full fibre, how we build or our national rollout? Check out our FAQs for more info.

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