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Transforming every industry vertical

With thousands of organisations now on-net, CityFibre's networks have transformed almost every sector.

Explore a range of sectors below to find out how full fibre connectivity can change your industry. You can also read examples and case studies from those who've already seen the benefits.

The public sector is at the heart of driving economic growth and is under constant pressure to use technological advances to improve service delivery. But with financial constraints rife across the country, networking solutions must support the battle to achieve more for less.

Public Sector

Using dark fibre to connect mobile cell sites is a cost-effective way to provide the bandwidth, throughput and low latency needed to support mobile network architecture evolution and provide more scalable, high-bandwidth solutions.


As businesses expand so do their networking requirements. For many, the only option is to keep upgrading existing managed services and accept the ever-rising costs. A dark fibre based network can help large enterprises break that cycle and scale more efficiently for their future bandwidth needs.

Enterprise / Corporate

The ability to provide truly resilient, high-bandwidth connectivity is vital for co-location and enterprise datacentres. A fibre connection from an independent infrastructure provider like us gives greater customer choice and the potential for completely diverse routing


Our long-distance and dense metro dark fibre footprints are ideal for finance sector focused communications providers who want the freedom to deploy the precise equipment and security levels they need, over dedicated, full fibre connectivity.


Today’s schools are nurturing a new ‘connected generation’. The internet is their library, content is a commodity, shared drives are their ring binders and the modern, full fibre connectivity delivered by our city networks, enables the solutions that underpin all of it.


Everyone in the UK has a right to feel safe in their community. CCTV services help to achieve this, but they’re also used to optimise traffic flow, keep buses to schedule, clear routes for emergency services and provide quality footage to secure criminal convictions.


The communications networks that support fire and rescue services are critical. Failure to mobilise resources to those in need can mean loss of life, making reliable, uncontended and diverse network solutions of paramount importance.

Blue Light

Adoption of cloud based applications and VoIP services have made even the smallest businesses today almost completely reliant on connectivity. Business broadband services operating over a partial fibre network are no longer cutting it for many.

Small businesses

The healthcare sector is under pressure to manage ICT costs. At the same time, corners can’t be cut because connectivity is relied upon far beyond core IT functions and general process management. Swift diagnosis, remote consultation, long-term medical advancement and lives themselves depend on it.



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