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The communications networks that support fire and rescue services are critical. Failure to mobilise resources to those in need can mean loss of life. And, where major incidents are concerned, disaster can scale rapidly, systems can become overloaded and contended networks can become a primary point of failure.

Managers of these services are under constant pressure to reduce costs, maximise use of assets and mobilise resources in a more efficient way.  This naturally drives consolidation and collaboration strategies.

In just three weeks, we provided a secure, cost effective dark fibre infrastructure for Dundee’s state-of-the-art forensic science laboratory.

Collaboration creates demand for enhanced communication tools at a management level. While consolidation to fewer command hubs across geographic areas makes each hub more critical – driving the need for high capacity, uncontended, robust WAN connectivity solutions and true diversity.

In April 2016 over 745,000 calls were made to the UK ambulance service – with over 547,000 resulting in a face to face response. Source: NHS England

Our modern, pure-fibre metro networks are completely independent from other providers – enabling the true-resilience needed in this sector. We build to exceptionally high standards too, with jointing and splicing kept to a minimum to ensure lowest latency and first-class reliability.

In Greater Manchester alone, 433,000 emergency calls to the police were received during 2015-16. Plus over 1.3 million non-emergency calls. Source: Greater Manchester Police Annual Report.

Our uncontended dark fibre connections also provide more choice, better control of long-term operating costs (compared to managed-service models) and greater ability to meet bandwidth demands, far into the future.

Get in touch to find out more about how our networks can help emergency services reduce and control ongoing costs and become more efficient.

-CityFibre has achieved certificates in registration to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001-




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