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Today’s schools are nurturing a new ‘connected generation’. The internet is their library, content is a commodity, shared drives are their ring binders and the modern, full fibre connectivity delivered by our city networks, enables the solutions that underpin all of it.

With some schools permanently closing libraries to create more classroom space and many sharing resources to save money, there’ll be no reversal in the need for every school, university and public library to have fast, reliable connectivity. But that connectivity also needs to be capable of scaling up to support heavy, simultaneous use for years to come – without costs that spiral upwards.

Thanks to our partners, half a million school children - and growing - are already using our infrastructure.

Resilience is desirable too. If connections are used by pupils to access their library, by teachers to upload assignments and by the school at large to communicate daily with parents, governors, Ofsted, feeder schools and suppliers – they simply can’t afford to be without them.

'Ultra-fast connectivity is vital to schools in the modern age. We anticipate huge demand for our services across CityFibre’s national fibre footprint.' Mark Cowgill, Co-Founder, Exa Networks

Our ‘well-planned’ city networks look at the location of all public sector sites, including those within the education sector. The goal is to make sure that our metro dark fibre puts them on or near net – even if they’re not already part of the reason we’re building in the first place.

'We can rely on this network to support the expected developments in web-based learning in the future. It's resilient enough to cope with advancements in e-learning strategies, which will enable us to remain ahead of the game academically' Kris Shah, Network Manager, University of Bath

With direct, modern fibre connections and no unnecessary routing via BT exchanges, we can link all educational sites within a town or city in a highly efficient way – and any desired network architecture can be accommodated.

To find out more about how our networks are enabling a new generation of children and young adults, get in touch.

-CityFibre has full ISO certification in all core management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 – Read more about our ISO certifications.




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