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As a business employs more people and opens new premises, so their networking requirements become more complex. True resilience also becomes vital to ensure no sites, systems or customer interfaces grind to a halt and that employees are never left unable to do their jobs or serve customers. Traditionally this has demanded costly managed service additions and bandwidth upgrades.

Dark fibre changes all of this by moving the control of networks closer to the end customer. Network management and equipment expense can be reduced significantly because the underlying fibre infrastructure is fit for the future from day one – ready to be scaled up on demand as a business grows, and for little extra cost.

With dense metro networks in 24 of the top cities outside London, we help our partners reach thousands of large UK enterprises and headquarters.

This control helps businesses decouple operational costs from an ever-growing and inevitable demand for more bandwidth. Valuable loyalty is gained for the communications provider that sets the business free – opening the door to consideration of even richer applications and solutions.

Support and protect business-critical systems and processes, including data back-up / storage and analysis, customer interfaces, stock control and payroll management.

Our modern dark fibre network can be used by enterprise solution providers to:

  • Build a fully protected resilient ring with multiple routes for recovery
  • Serve multiple customer network architectures, using the same resilient ring
  • Daisy chain point to point circuits within a fully resilient core
  • Light office blocks or business parks by using splitters or multiple fibres
  • And more…

''It's encouraging to see the breadth of fibre assets available both regionally and nationally from CityFibre''
Colin Sempill, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms

To explore our commercial options and discuss how dark fibre could serve your large enterprise and corporate customers, please get in touch.

-CityFibre has full ISO certification in all core management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 – Read more about our ISO certifications.



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