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Ultra-low latency, secure data transfer, extensive interface options and the ability to guarantee connections are the name of the game in this sector. Any network failure is potentially reputation-damaging for the end customer – with impacts back through the supply chain that can result in severe penalties and even contract termination.

Those installing and managing connectivity in this sector need to understand and adhere to strict site access and security policies. Engineers must be available to work out-of-hours to minimise downtime for the millions of micro-payments and transactions that keep the UK business economy ticking every day.

Every millisecond counts in the finance sector. Resilience, ultra-low latency and high network performance are all non-negotiable.

All these demands are prompting providers to seek greater control and visibility over the networks that serve their customers – without breaking their own banks!

Moving from legacy voice and communications systems to unified platforms demands a pure fibre, modern infrastructure to deliver optimum performance.

Our long-distance and dense metro dark fibre footprints are ideal for finance-sector-focused communications providers who want the freedom to deploy the precise equipment and security levels they need, over dedicated, pure-fibre connectivity.

A scalable fibre infrastructure is needed to support growing customer data volumes and storage needs as well as the increasing number of secure financial transactions.

The ability to eliminate non-dedicated middleware also gives unrivalled visibility over high bandwidth inter-city site-to-site connections. And our highly-flexible commercial options allow partners to choose the opex or capex based business model that works best for them.

To find out more about using our dark fibre platform to serve the financial sector, just get in touch.

-CityFibre has achieved certificates in registration to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001-


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