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There’s no end in sight to the hunger for bandwidth in homes. Not only do consumer technologies continue to advance at pace, but rising house prices also mean that young adults are staying in the family home or shared accommodation for much longer. It’s a combination that’s putting more pressure on domestic broadband connectivity than ever before.

So-called superfast fibre broadband services have been deployed across the UK in recent years. But these generally rely on a legacy network infrastructure with copper cables making up at least part of the connection. Investment in technologies to drive ‘ultrafast’ performance out of these networks is admirable, but can only be described as an interim solution resulting in variable speeds, low reliability and a connectivity for many that simply isn’t fit for the future.

Thanks to CityFibre’s new partnership with Vodafone this is set to change for 5 million homes across the UK by 2025 – revolutionising the home broadband experience with full fibre, gigabit capable services, and finally taking steps to close the embarrassing gap between us and other countries across the globe.

'Access to high quality fixed and mobile internet services is vital to our increasingly online social and economic lives. But many UK premises remain connected by lines that are unable to support fast speeds.' Ofcom’s Connected Nations report, December 2015

Wide-scale deployment of fibre to the Home (FTTH) is the only robust way to enable our communities for the digital future. Unlike today’s copper infrastructure, FTTH can deliver guaranteed symmetrical services, making it capable of supporting advances in technology we can only begin to imagine today.

Our plans to build modern full-fibre networks in numerous cities over the coming years will, without a doubt, change the way consumers use internet services for decades to come and open the doors to a new wave of in-home applications and innovation.

Full fibre home internet connections that are scalable to gigabit speeds will be needed to support gaming, content streaming, video-rich communication, IoT, homeworking requirements and much more in years to come.

Once our extensive, high-capacity network covers a region, the foundation exists to serve every local household using a GPON-based distribution network. This is exactly what we’ve already rolled out in York under our joint venture with Sky and TalkTalk.

When our extensive, high-capacity networks cover a region, the foundation exists to serve every local household using a GPON-based distribution network.  We initially demonstrated this through our joint venture in York alongside Sky and TalkTalk, and will continue to prove the benefits of this model across the country via our FTTH city rollout with Vodafone.

To find out more. please see our residential page here.

-CityFibre has full ISO certification in all core management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 – Read more about our ISO certifications.


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