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The healthcare sector is under tremendous pressure to manage ICT costs, but at the same time, corners can’t be cut because connectivity is relied upon far beyond core IT functions and general process management. Swift diagnosis, remote consultation, long-term medical advancement and lives themselves depend on it.

Like any organisation with a network of sites, healthcare providers need to communicate, move, store and retrieve confidential data securely and reliably. Meanwhile, advances in scanning and imaging equipment, telemedicine and other real-time diagnostic applications are generating larger and larger file sizes – including requirements for increasingly high-quality video communication.

'The new connection is so fast and reliable; users actually report that the network seems faster at the Chapel site, than it is at the hospital’s main site! As a network manager, this is a refreshing change as I’m not used to getting this type of feedback.' Adrian Shakeshaft, network manager for York NHSFT

Our metro and long distance dark fibre networks can break the linear relationship between sector-based bandwidth demand growth and rising operational costs by enabling cost-effective, fully scalable, network build.

'In CityFibre we've found a partner who understands our requirements and can create a bespoke communications infrastructure with the bandwidth and speed flexibility to enable us to scale up if and when we want to without increasing our future costs.' Bob Beckwith, Data and Telecommunications Network Manager, Newcastle NHS

They can be used to consolidate and rationalise existing managed services, datacentre locations, servers, storage and network devices. And they can be used to build low-latency network solutions that can integrate multiple legacy networks running different protocols.

'The new service benefits everyone – it delivers real, tangible savings for the health economy, not to mention the benefits to patients in terms of quality service provision, cost and time.' Melanie Liley, directorate manager for therapies and trauma and orthopaedics at York NHSFT

Ultimately, our networks enable the build of solutions that are cost-effective, resilient and scalable, with scope to extend or integrate with other provider’s networks if required.

-CityFibre has full ISO certification in all core management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 – Read more about our ISO certifications.





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