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Your community is being transformed into one of the best digitally connected places on the planet, as we extend our full fibre network.

Our gigabit-speed network will provide lightning-fast digital connections to everyone and everything – from your family at home, to your children at school, your workplace and even traffic lights and CCTV cameras.

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What is full fibre?

The majority of broadband services marketed as ‘fibre’ today are only actually part fibre. They use fast fibre to the cabinet in your street, and then switch to slow copper cabling to your property.

What about full fibre then? Well, it’s as simple as that – lightning speed fibre running all the way into your home and no bottlenecks to slow you down!

What does it
mean for me?

Access gigabit-speed internet services, that’s 1000Mbps!

Stream Ultra HD and 4K TV in multiple rooms at the same time

Say goodbye to the dreaded buffer symbol; even in evenings when everyone is online

Live easy and save money with exciting new smart home technologies

Work from home with seamless file sharing and reliable cloud access

Stay close to family and friends with buffer free and crystal clear video calling

How we build our network

We’ll soon be coming to your street to install the new full fibre network. The build project is carried out by qualified and insured civil contractors and work on a street is usually completed within a few weeks.

Connect my

CityFibre's wholesale team manage our business partners and can connect you with a provider in your area. Visit our wholesale business website and register your interest for more information.

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Any other questions?

Looking for more information on full fibre, how we build our national rollout? Check out our FAQs for more info.

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